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Ash had finished his Quest to become the world’s greatest trainer, and now he resides at home and also hoping to find a new quest to go on. But for now let’s see what will happen in his next stage of life…….
_ _ _ _

Ash was watching TV while his mom was preparing lunch, while Pikachu was beside him and watched with him.

“Oh Ash!!” his mom called,

“I’m coming, you wait here Pikachu.” He said while walking towards his mom.

“What’s Up?”

“Can you get me some groceries? Here’s the money and please hurry.” His mom pleaded.

“Sure, be back in a sec.”

After that said, he got to his bike and got off to the market.

While traveling through the forest, he stopped for a quick rest and sat down a tree. But he wasn’t aware that behind the tree was the old grave of the Legendary Groudon. A claw was on top of his grave but it quickly sensed the presence of a form that can be his own. The claw suddenly floated up in the ground and a red mist came popping out of the grave and was surrounding Ash.

When he woke up he saw something that he couldn’t believe, A Skull, Bracers that were made out of a bone and a strap that was combined with a scaly tail.

“Wow.” Ash said as he was approaching the floating green items. Then suddenly the skull went straight toward him, it landed on top of his skull and he tried to get it off but it was too hard to get off.

Then he saw the other parts coming for him. He ran but the mist was like solid, and it grabbed his feet and he tripped. He saw the bracers locking in his hands. He tried to move his hands and it seemed that he can’t even move his own hands and the tail wrapped around his waist and then the mask covered his eyesight and he just stood there, without any sight.

Then he felt his skin peeling off and row by row shiny red scales appeared. He suddenly felt intense heat in his guts and it was so hot but he kept it cool, the scales covered his whole body and he was sweating all over. He didn’t saw that the heat coming form all around his body burned away all his clothes leaving him nude. Then his hands formed into claws and it was huge, his tail getting bigger with his butt formed or merged into one.

Then his muscles bulged bigger and all of his body grew larger and seemingly out of proportion and the last and final thing was his head, he felt a pain in his face and he blacked out. When he woke up, he saw what he saw before the strange things happened, then a voice was heard in his brain.

The words what was his new brain fuelled him with rage and then he set out in the world, destroying everything in his path……

The End…..
Well, No Groudon tf, I make one^^
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VampireMoon Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008
Is that it? Damn, I expected more!
Still, it's some story. I can just picture Ash going through his transformation...:D
bughadedo Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008  Student Writer
my parents didn't allow me to go late at night
so it just went up short, but i'm gonna try harder:)
VampireMoon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
Fair enough.^^ You can edit the story if you want. I do that all the time.:D
bughadedo Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008  Student Writer
:) thnks
VampireMoon Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
You're welcome.^^
bughadedo Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008  Student Writer
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